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Partnering With Bread of Life

We have partnered up with the Bread of Life. This is a way to help provide food and drink supplies due to increased financial demands.

Distributing Clothing

Any donated clothing will be distributed to the families.

CPR Training

​We just recently received donations to purchase CPR Equipment to help provide training.  

Future Goals


Provide Other Training Opportunities such as foster parent trainings and cooking classes

Provide beds & bedding to families

Offer youth camps


Equine Assisted Learning Program


Foster Parents Night Out

We are working on providing Foster Parents a Night out by having activities in place for the foster children.  Then having a sitter provide care for the children to give the providers a time for a break.

Providing Blessing Bags

​The Blessing Bags will be distributed to local law enforcement and caseworkers to pass out to the children who are taken into care to help make the children feel better. The Blessing Bags will be backpacks that will have little gifts in them. They will be filled for different ages and gender.  

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